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Certified Paverpol Instructor - sign up for a class to learn how to create your own Outdoor Garden Sculptures.  Check out the gallery and classes available.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you are interested in Paverpol classes, a commissioned piece (wire/stone artwork or Paverpol sculpture)

or you have an interest in a private group class.

Paverpol Classes

Are you ready to learn something new? I offer Paverpol classes that are available for all types of skill levels. Read below to learn more and to find the class that fits you!


Beginner Paverpol Classes

Beginner classes are designed to familiarize you with the basics of creating weather resistant armatures using the T-shirt wrap method.  Class sizes are kept small, in order to ensure you receive enough assistance to create a piece you are excited to show off to your family and friends.


Intermediate Paverpol Classes

Intermediate classes are for anyone who has taken at least one beginner class, where you created a wrapped T-shirt figurine. You will learn about smooth body techniques, working with a diversity of fabrics, creating a sculpture with more than one figurine, large projects and so much more!! 


Advanced Paverpol classes

Advanced classes are perfect for anyone who has taken several classes and has an idea of what they would like to create but requires some assistance. 


What is Paverpol?

Paverpol is a water based, non-toxic textile hardener. Paverpol has the AP seal for non-toxic products from the ACMI (Art & Creative Materials Institute). It adheres to natural fibres (cotton, wood, clay, etc) and makes them weather resistant (that includes winter in Northeast Saskatchewan).  For further product details, please click the link below, to visit Paverpol.ca.  Paverpol is perfect for most everyone. You do not need prior art classes/training to be able to create with Paverpol.  There’s something for anyone looking to unleash their inner Michelangelo. Classes for beginners (no experience), Intermediate (a couple of classes taken) and Advanced (you bring the creation idea).  My goal is to unleash your inner artist in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

About Redle S.

Hi! Welcome to my site!  My name is Shannon Elder.  I live in Melfort, SK.  I have a small studio, located at 518B Main Street, Melfort. 

 I create under the name of Redle S. Creations.  I’ve always seen the world a little differently than most.  Creating allows me to bring my imaginary world to life.  In 2017, I started creating wire sculptures. I started with ‘Tree of Life’ sculptures, then pendants, fairies, dragons and the list goes on. Wire is a natural fit, for me, and I love creating anything that I can wrap my mind and hands around. In recent years, I have taken classes for wood carving, clay throwing and hand building, fused glass, stained glass and Paverpol.  I was instantly in love with the Paverpol medium. It allowed me to take my wire sculptures to the outdoors!! In 2020, I started taking the steps to become a Paverpol Certified Instructor. I cannot wait to share this medium with others and to watch their creativeness blossom.


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